11 best places to eat in Nice

Now I love nice and I LOVE eating so writing this blogpost seemed like a dream come true. My excuse for eating out so much was ‘well I have to come for the blog’ and I feel like that’s a motto I’m just gonna use all the time. Nice isn’t short of good places to eat and there is something suitable for every taste and dietary requirement. I scrolled through TripAdvisor for agessss looking for these places so hopefully I can save you a bit of time by summarising my favourites. But before you start reading, make sure you’ve eaten first (these posts will deffo make you hungry!)


I can confirm, this place definetely does live up to it’s ‘cool’ title. There are 8 other cafés by the same company located around the South of France (even one in Iceland!) and 2 of which are in Nice. I visited the one in the ‘Nice Centre’ which was decorated so nicely with two lovely ladies serving; both of whom spoke very good English. It was quite small with only around 5 tables but there are also options to takeaway food if you don’t fancy sitting in (I saw quite a few people nip in and pick up a box for their lunch) I’d read great reviews about their bagels so I decided to go for the ‘Salmon and Garfunkel’ on a poppy seed bagel. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the best bagel I’ve ever eaten but I think that could have been due to the choice of bread – it was slightly burnt and quite tough but the lady next to me had a normal bagel which looked much more appetising so I’d like to go back and try that out. Nevertheless, my Oreo milkshake was AMAZING and the whole vibe of the café makes this a place I would recommend.

Salmon and Garfunkel Bagel – €7.90

Oreo Milkshake – €5.50


I came here for my birthday lunch with my parents and I was not disappointed! Located in the centre of Nice, it was very busy but the staff still managed to shuffle around a few tables to let us eat. The menu was quite limited but all looked very tasty (besides, I think a smaller menu isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the food comes out fast and fresh) We all decided to go for the ‘plat du jour’ which was a main course, dessert and glass of wine for €19. There was a choice of two main courses; my parents went for fish and lentils whilst I went for a steak haché (like a steak burger) and sautéed potatoes. It was sooo good but it is worth noting that the french cook their meat quite rare so it was very pink (I’m normally a medium rare kind of gal so I’d have normally thought it was too underdone but I actually really enjoyed it) Dessert seemed like heaven for me and my mum who have the biggest sweet tooth! The waiter wheeled out this dessert trolley full of a large selection of freshly made treats – baked cheesecake, chocolate mousse, vanilla pannacotta to name just a few! It was a tough choice but I decided to go for the lime crème brûlée which I deffo did not regret. My mum is gluten free so choosing a restaurant where she could eat is very important and this place catered for her very well – all in all, a fantastic birthday lunch!

Plat du jour (main, dessert and glass of wine) –  €19


We came here on another birthday meal out (you’re on 19 once right?) after a recommendation from the receptionist at the hotel we were staying at. It’s just a short walk from ‘Nice Ville’ train station so a bit more of a walk if you’re coming from the beach/old town but it was perfect for us not wanting to walk far in the torrential rain! We arrived at about 9.30 so were surprised when we were offered a table – I’ve found that service continues until 10.30 in most places in Nice which is a big difference to the 9pm cut off time in sleepy devon! As soon as I saw mussels on the menu, I knew that was for me. I went for them with white wine, shallots and cream whilst my dad decided to switch things up and put roquefort cheese on them. When they arrived, they were MASSIVE so you can imagine our shock when we were told they were unlimited!!! Yes that’s right, unlimited mussels!! Getting through the first bowl was a challenge (but one I was very happy to take part in) so hats off to anyone going up for seconds! I think they only serve mussels from friday-sunday night but there are plenty of other tasty dishes for the rest of the week. My mum ate fish and rice which the chefs adapted to make gluten free and it looked like a work of art. We were all wayyyy to full for a dessert – although the lady beside us had an ENORMOUS creme caramel which looked very tempting. Service once again was great and the waitress even gave me a small chocolate mousse with a candle after finding out it was my birthday. 

mussels – €16

fish – €19


This was most definitely a place which exceeded expectations. It is located near to the train station which isn’t the nicest part of the city and, from the outside, my parents and I were tempted to find somewhere else – it was very quiet for a saturday evening and other places seemed much busier but I am SO glad I decided to stick to our plan to eat there. The menu consists of around 6 dishes which are all served on boards. I had the chicken caesar salad board, dad had spicy chicken skewers and mum had a steak (which she said was one of the best she has ever tasted; that is a big deal!) You’re able to see the kitchen from where you are eating which I think is a lovely touch. I would highly recommend the homemade cocktail if you have a sweet craving like me! It reminded me of those fruit salad sweets I used to eat as a child which I love but it might be a bit too sickly for others. We also had the house wine which is always a good option in France (I’m no wine connoisseur and don’t have the slightest clue about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ wine but my parents say that all the house wines they’ve had in France have been great, unlike the gamble you take in the UK) Somehowww, we still had room for dessert – I had a  passion fruit and raspberry milkshake (it was made with ice cream and very sweet so deffo a dessert choice and not a drink) whilst my parents had pineapple skewers. I have no idea why the place was quite quiet for a saturday night but do not let this put you off. We had great food and great service and I think the 93% of people on trip advisor who voted this place as either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ shows that we weren’t the only people who thought that!

Chicken Skewers and Caesar Salad – €12.50 each

Steak – €19.50


I visited this café with my sister after seeing great recommendations online (it’s fair to say I am one big trip advisor addict) After carrying our suitcases around Nice, we were in need of a place to sit and chill and out for a bit before catching our bus. Even on a Sunday evening, the café was packed but luckily, a couple left just as we arrived so we managed to nab their seats. The menu offers a massive selection of drinks from all over the world and there is no difficulty finding something you’d like! I chose the caffe frappe (the recipe was said to have originated in Cannes during the 2016 film festival) which gave me the caffeine rush I really needed! I looked at my sister very strangely when she chose the ‘strawberry and basil’ smoothie but I ate my words (or drank more like) when I took a sip of it. It was very fresh and a teeny bit fizzy and made me realise that perhaps I too should step out of my drinks comfort zone. Also on the menu was sandwiches, salads, patisseries and other snacky food if you are wanting a bite to eat too. If the drinks are anything to go by, I’m sure they would be very tasty aswell!

Caffe frappe – €6.90

Smoothie – €5.90


Can you think of anything more french than a restaurant called ‘le frog’? With dishes including frogs legs and snails, this is the place to truly embrace the French culture. It is really well located; sort of in between the beach, old town and place massena although the restaurant itself is tucked away in a little alley. My sister and I had booked a table about an hour before just to be safe and I would recommend doing the same – especially if you’re wanting a larger table. I didn’t fancy the froggy french cuisine so luckily for me, there was plenty of other food which appealed to me. I went for a seafood linguine which was TO DIE FOR and my sister had a vegetarian wok (basically noodles and vegetables which she really enjoyed) To drink, I went all out (it was a Saturday night after all) and had a margarita cocktail – yum! As with all the places I’ve mentioned, service was great and they even offered us complimentary limoncello shots to finish.  

Seafood Linguini – €25

Vegetarian Wok – €16

Margarita Cocktail – €7

Coke – €4


Even though I am not a vegan, I love looking for vegan places to eat when I’m out and about – I feel like the food is so fresh and healthy and I love the vibe they give off. Vegan Gorilla definitely did that! You can find it close to the centre of town and what made it even more appealing to me was that it was open on a Monday (note that a lot of restaurants, museums etc close on Mondays in France so finding a place as great as this which was open was a blessing!) The menu was very limited with only 2 main course options but both seemed very tasty and came out in no time at all. I had an avocado burger with sweet potato and falafel whilst my sister had mushrooms with mash and onions. Aswell as being vegan, all the food was also gluten free; coming from a family with two coeliacs, I know how much of a godsend it is knowing that you can choose ANYTHING on the menu. At 16euro for a main course, it was slightly on the pricier side and the drinks weren’t cheap either but for food that good, I don’t mind paying a little bit more.

Main Courses – €16 each


This café was very similar to ‘vegan gorilla’ and located just across the road but it was still very unique and original. Once again, everything on the menu was vegan and there was a large selection of gluten free goodies too. Inside, the room was beautifully decorated and the word ‘instagrammable’ definitely springs to mind. This was the same for the food as well which looked and tasted delicious. I only had a small bite to eat – a butternut squash and chestnut soup – alongside an acai, banana and red fruit smoothie but I would loveee to return and try out the other stuff on the menu. In summary, a great little vegan café with beautiful decor and good service (just make sure you reserve a place if you’re wanting a larger table as it was very busy when I went and most tables were for only 2 people)

Soup – €6

Smoothie – €6


Fenocchios is a little ice cream parlour situated in the old town which I had seen SO many good reviews about – okay, so it’s not a place to eat as such but it deffo is worth visiting if you’re in Nice. So much so in fact, that I went in the middle of December during a thunderstorm just so that I could say I had tried it out for myself before returning back to the UK. I got some very weird looks as I was eating an ice cream in the torrential  rain but it was worth every moment!! There were sooo many weird and quirky flavours to choose from including lycee, m&m’s and chocolate orange – I played it simple and went for my favourite flavour ever; raspberry sorbet. It is normally located in the ‘Place Rosetti’ just outside the Cathedral in the old town but had moved next to the ‘cathedrale veille ville’ tram station for a month when I visited. 

1 scoop – €2.50

2 scoops – €4.00


In the warmer months, one of my favourite food choices when visiting Nice would be to pick up something from the Cours saleya market in the old town. The market is worth a visit whether you’re looking for food or not as there are stalls selling a variety of different items such as flowers, jams, fruit, smoothies and cards – it is full of life and busy with tourists and locals alike. Pick up a pizza slice, a box of strawberries or a fruit smoothie and head down to the beach for a picnic (it’s about a 2 minute walk away!) A cheap and delicious way to eat out in Nice!


Located in Place Massena, ‘So Green’ is a juice and snack bar full of healthy treats. It’s the perfect place to stop off and have a well needed rest from sightseeing or shopping and watch the world go by right in the centre of Nice. I had the ‘Paradise Smoothie’ which contained strawberries, bananas and oranges – ironically, it wasn’t ‘so green’ after all but still very very tasty!!

35cl Smoothie – €6

Now hopefully you’re not feeling tooo hungry after seeing those photos! There really is such a good choice of places to eat in Nice for any budget or taste so, as the french say, bon appétit!

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